Music isn't an escape from life...

its one of the great reasons to be alive in the first place. ~unknown

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High Quality Cryogenically Treated Audio Products: As evidenced by a life-like sound unmatched by audio products that are not treated.

The audio artisan in everyone can appreciate music that awakens and touches their emotions. Music soothes and relaxes, inspires and energizes, motivates and lifts; as well as improves our spacial memory and physical health. If you’re vinyl lovers like we are, you are in for a real treat. Your turn-table kit will never sound better.

We are very passionate about the quality and products we offer; we hope you are too. We solicit and respect your feedback and suggestions.

Why Choose Us

  • We are passionate about quality audio because it creates sound that moves the soul.
  • We are convinced that you should not have to pay a king’s ransom to achieve that quality sound.
  • We are driven to provide you the best products at a reasonable price to achieve that goal.

What Clients Say

Dave is my secret weapon in all things sound gear related. He has provided me with the cables, cartridges and knowledge that have transformed multiple sound systems – from good to better sounding than I’d thought I’d ever be able to afford…
Jay in NJ
I have always been skeptical of what I have read about the various interconnects and power cables. The first song I auditioned with it was Bruce Springsteen’s, “American Skin.” I was briefly startled. The Boss literally sounded as if he was in the room with me….
Tim in IN
It is a humble turntable weight or so one might at first surmise. Actually it’s the perfect weight in terms of composition, i.e., it is completely “dead” in terms of resonance, is exactly the right size and heft, and its gorgeous olive wood top goes well with the music it helps make beautiful!
Francis in MO